Global Automotive Top 5 Automotive

4. This strategy of avoiding Jammed when the fasting month
Drive during the fasting month a challenge for users of motor vehicles. The reason, the condition of a body that did not receive food and drink intake is the time to make the rider must maintain stamina in order to make enough for a full day.

However, you can still drive in comfort and quiet without having to deplete energy with bermacet-macetan on the road. How, learn the hours and the congested from the way you normally go through.

5. Proton Indonesia Bleeding
PT Proton order of Indonesia (PEI) is not fated to peace. Its action in national automotive market arguably not enough taken into account consumers in the country.

In fact, in may, sales of original Malaysia global automotive car brand is bleeding and only had 6 units.

Kapoww .com source reveals, employees in the sales division of PT PEI is currently targeted for clearing stock available. The average car is diniagakan alerts by 2013 and 2014.

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